Sharing with you what I’ve learned along the way.

“I’m a lucky man. I have competed, adventured, served and lived alongside the most amazing people in the world. Now I have the honor of sharing with you what I’ve learned from them on this great mission called life.” – Clint Bruce

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Clint Bruce

I’m an Achieving Average, not an average achiever.

I’m an average guy who has been blessed to be included as a small part of mighty moments, teams and units. That’s not by luck or mistake. Rather than letting my averageness limit or lower my expectations, it forced me to learn at an early age what is true of any great achievement: we all need angles, allies, and advantages to do anything meaningful… anything bigger than ourselves. Gifting has something to do with success, but not as much as you might think. My life is an example of knowing when, how and who to join forces with in order to do things bigger than myself.

If I have a gift, it is this; I know I need good people around me. I’m a tribal person, and tribes beat teams every day.

A great NFL linebacker once told me, “Clint, everyone gets the ring or no one gets the ring.” What did he mean? He meant, we all win or no one wins. This complements an old Navy saying, “Rising tides raise all boats.” What does that mean? It means, when the tides rise, everyone rises. I believe both of these statements deeply. I’ve bet my life on them.



  • 1997 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy
  • 4-year letterman at Linebacker
  • Captain & MVP of 96 Aloha Bowl
  • Inducted into Navy Football Hall of Fame
  • Invited to camp w/┬áSaints & Ravens (1997)
  • Completed SEAL training
  • joined SEAL Team V
  • Completed┬áBUDS training 1998, with Class 217
  • Deployed multiple times in SEAL Team V
  • Fought the Global War on Terror
Pursuing Elite:
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In any endeavor you can only have one of five outcomes: bad, average, good, excellent and elite.

Archers and Arrows

How to move through the challenge of evolving from a doer to a leader.

The Achieving Average

There is a myth that only talent can produce elite achievement. The truth is quite different.


MORE THAN 50,000

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JP Morgan Chase

“Clint did a great job to make me think about my job and my family throughout his presentation.Our General Managers were riveted by the message about leadership and understanding what it is to be a true leader.”

Vineyard Vines

“Clint was outstanding! Not only was he professional and motivational, he was personable. He opened up to us and let us into his story. He was engaging and held everyone's attention throughout the entire presentation. Something that is difficult to do with such a large audience.”


“The way Clint related his life experiences to a group of restaurant industry focused individuals was exceptional. Many attendees commented on how valuable it was from both a professional and personal standpoint. On behalf of myself and all of our attendees, Thank You Clint for your service and your inspiring message”

Chamber of Commerce

“Mr. Bruce did an outstanding job relating his message to our diverse audience. He made it a point to thank our elderly crowd for the lessons they have taught, address the working adults to carry on the mission, and inspire our young leaders in attendance. Working with the Hold Fast team was an outstanding experience.”

The Marketing Arm

“The time our team had with Clint was invaluable. At The Marketing Arm, we have a collaborative culture of creatives, producers, account service leaders and strategists of all levels and ages. It takes real magic to get to big ideas that can change the world.”

Lake Hills Church

“Clint was so engaging as a communicator, he masterfully weaves stories into his principles. It was a home run.”


“There was a lot of interest in the topic of tribes and moving teams or groups of people to being a tribe. I think that is the area most people are interested in especially in dealing with business variables that are difficult to control but still working toward the same goal. The other interesting part was the idea of balance.”